"I really enjoy painting golf landscape. It is some of the most beautiful and varied landscape in the world combined with a deep, historical sense of tradition that transcends time. The painting is a success when both elements emerge." -Linda Hartough
Pebble Beach Golf Links
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7th Hole, Pebble Beach 2010 
7th Hole, Pebble Beach 2010
Host to several prestigious U.S. Opens, its famous seventh Hole is considered by experts to be one of the most challenging and beautiful par 3's in existence. It plays downhill to a green squeezed onto a tiny spit of land, a green on which waves crash, a green which at its narrowest point is only eight steps wide. It's the shortest hole in major championship golf, but yard for yard, it is the hardest hole in the world.
Limited Edition - Canvas Giclée - 12" x 20" - $250
Artist Proof - Canvas Giclée - 12" x 20" - $350
Limited Edition - Canvas Giclee - 21" x 36" - $750
Artist Proof - Canvas Giclee - 21" x 36" - $950
Limited Edition - Grande Canvas Giclee - 36" x 60" - $1950
Artist Proof - Grande Canvas Giclee - 36" x 60" - $2350

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