"I really enjoy painting golf landscape. It is some of the most beautiful and varied landscape in the world combined with a deep, historical sense of tradition that transcends time. The painting is a success when both elements emerge." -Linda Hartough
St. Andrews Golf Links
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18th Hole, Swilcan Bridge, St Andrews 
18th Hole, Swilcan Bridge, St Andrews
The golf world's penultimate landmark - The Swilcan Bridge on the 18th Hole of The Old Course at St Andrews - marked the first time that Linda Hartough has focused her considerable talents on both an historic structure and a breathtaking course landscape. From Old Tom Morris and Wille Park, to Jack Nicklaus, the Swilcan Bridge has come to represent the crowning moment of each Open Championship played at The Old Course. As the player crests the Swilcan Bridge and pauses to acknowledge the spectators, flashbulbs erupt and the images resonate through history. Linda's unique perspective - which transcends any photographic image - captures not only this hallowed stone bridge, but also the intrinsic beauty of the town of St Andrews in Linda’s 2013 updated version of the Swilcan Bridge.
Limited Edition - Canvas Giclée - 10" x 20" - $250
Artist Proof - Canvas Giclée - 10" x 20" - $350
Limited Edition - Canvas Giclée - 17" x 36" - $750
Artist Proof - Canvas Giclée - 17" x 36" - $950
Limited Edition - Grande Canvas Giclee - 30"x60" - $1950
Artist Proof - Grand Canvas Giclee - 30"x60" - $2350

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