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Welcome to the Linda Hartough Studio

  • “I am the proud owner of several paintings by Linda Hartough, and each time I look at one I see something new. For all its realism, her work goes beyond being photographic. Her paintings always convey a strong sense of place, so that you feel, for example, the charm of St. Andrews or the majesty of Pebble Beach. A Linda Hartough painting makes me want to play.”

    -Jack Nicklaus
  • “Whenever you see a Linda Hartough golf course rendering, you have to resist the urge to grab a club and drop a ball. Linda has the unique ability to capture, in a single solitary perspective, the very essence of the course itself”

    -Robert Trent Jones, Sr.
  • “Linda is the golf world's painter laureate. There's a tranquility about her paintings that is absolutely beautiful. When you view them, the paintings have the effect of actually putting you there. They're beyond real.”

    -Bob Carney, Golf Digest
  • “I really enjoy painting golf landscape. It is some of the most beautiful and varied landscape in the world combined with a deep, historical sense of tradition that transcends time. The painting is a success when both elements emerge.”

    -Linda Hartough
  • “It's a challenge to make a great painting and still depict a golfer's favorite scene, but my goal is to make any work of art I create transcend the scene depicted. When you look at a golf hole, you have to see what players like about it - how a golfer plays it. Then you have to see it as a landscape - as a work of fine art.”

    -Linda Hartough
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